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Learn all you need to know about Minakami's best sights and activities!!
Welcome to MINAKAMI, Gunma!
The town of Minakami has many charming features. Among them are the grandiose natural beauty which embodies the Tanigawadake mountain range, the traditional Japanese Crafts and Culture available to experience, and the outdoor river sports. Plus do not forget about Minakami's hot springs that have healing powers and can be enjoyed in an abundance of different ways. Discover all of the things to enjoy on this website. Then come and see it for yourself! We are very much looking forward to your visit.
Highlights of Recommended Sightseeing Spots!
Nature TanigawadakeTeriha valleyLake AkayaKuroiwa valleyOzeOkutone Suigen-no-Mori (riverhead forest)
Experiences Takumi-no-satoTsukiyono-ware BoutokanTsukiyono Glass ParkGunma Cycle Sports CenterMizu KikoukanFruit Picking
Outdoor Sports RaftingLake canoeingCanyoningShower climbingParagliderBungee jumpingMountain bikingCampingGolfSkiingSnow shoe
History & Culture Minakami Bungaku Sanpodo (literary promenade)The old Tobe family's residenceResidence and utensils of Jhoshu- Fujiwara Tsukiyono Local History MuseumThe Yaze ruinsSarugakyo Sekisho MuseumAkiko Yosano Kikou Bungaku-kanKenshin's Sakasa Sakura (the upside-down cherry blossom)
Spa Resorts Fureai-Koryu CenterYuterume TanigawaFuwa-no-YuSanazawa-no-MoriMitsumine-no-YuMantenboshi-no-YuYushinkan
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Minakami guide Thailande   (Yaian d on Minakami)
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