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This is a river sport where you can travel down the "Tone River" in a longboat with operating paddles. This is the fastest flowing river in Kanto area. A guide will always be on board with participants and necessary equipments are available for rent. So beginners are welcome to participate and enjoy.
  • CANYONS Tel: +81-(0)278-72-2811
  • Top Minakami Company Tel: +81-(0)278-72-5086
  • Uncle Bear Tel: +81-(0)278-72-8484
  • Forest & Water Tel: +81-(0)278-72-8017
  • Kappa Club Tel: +81-(0)278-72-1372
  • I LOVE OUTDOORS Tel:+81-(0)278-72-1337

Lake canoeing
Why not go out for a canoeing tour to freely enjoy exploring Lake Naramata and Lake Okutone. They are the water reservoir for the Kanto area. Guides will provide full assistant for participants, so even little children can participate in the challenge.

Canyoning is a river sport where players go down a canyon as they slide down streams and falls, jumping into waterfall basins. There are many diverse courses in Minakami to fully relish the thrill of adventure.

Shower climbing
Shower climbing is one of the climbing styles that climbers climb up valleys or streams in a mountain, being caught in a water spray. Also, canyoning is when climbers move down a canyon by using ropes or move down a canyon along a stream. Both are recommended for those people are looking for an adventure.
  • CANYONS TEL:+81-(0)278-72-2811
  • Kappa Club Tel: +81-(0)278-72-1372

Take off to the sky from halfway up Mt. Mitsumine. One-day lessons and a tandem fly with a professional flyer are also offered for beginners. You can enjoy a walk in the sky with ease.

Bungee jumping
The only bridge bungee jumping in Japan originally appeared in Minakami for limited period of time! Let's bungee into the Tone river 40m below the Suwa valley bridge. Conquer your fear and get up your nerve to on the challenge yourself.

Feel refreshed as you race down Minakami's natural beauty. Professional mountainbike guides and experienced staffs will guide you down a set downhill course from the start to the finish line.

Enjoy outdoor life in nature. Have fun with your family at the camping site provided with ample facilities.
  • Kappa Club Tel: +81-(0)278-72-1372

There are three golf courses. Each of the course's characteristics are unique.
  • Minakami Kogen Golf Course Tel: +81-(0)278-75-2222
  • Gunma Country Club Tel: +81-(0)278-64-0321
  • Tsukiyono Country Club Tel: +81-(0)278-64-0116


Snow shoe
Go trekking in snow fields or forests in snowshoes. You will discover unfamiliar scenery and hare and serow footprints. If you are lucky, you may encounter then for yourself. The tour is led by a guide so enjoy trekking in the snow is safe.
  • CANYONS Tel: +81-(0)278-72-2811
  • Uncle Bear Tel: +81-(0)278-72-8484
  • Forest & Water Tel: +81-(0)278-72-8017
  • Kappa Club Tel: +81-(0)278-72-1372

Winter sports
Surrounded by mountains of 2,000m class, Minakami is also a mecca of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. The season is long enough to last from the middle of November all the way up to golden week. Ten ski resorts with various characteristics including ski slopes for children or beginners and courses which will satisfy even the most avid skiers and snowboarders. Spending the night at spa resort is another great option, or you could take a day trip making use of Minakami's easy access. According to your own plan, enjoy an exciting winter to the fullest.

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